Zhejiang University is one of the top universities in China with a long history, outstanding reputation and comprehensive disciplines. Located in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, host city of G20 Summit 2016 and the 2022 Asian Games, Zhejiang University is one of the first batch of Category A ‘Double First-class’ universities in the project of developing ‘world-class universities and first-class disciplines’ launched by the Ministry of Education. Zhejiang University has a complete medical disciplinary system covering clinical medicine, basic medicine, public health, pharmaceuticals etc. It has 7 directly affiliated hospitals, 2 non-directly affiliated hospitals and 8 cooperative hospitals. In December 2017, Zhejiang University was evaluated excellent in the 4th round of discipline assessment by the Ministry of Education. Clinical medicine was ranked as an ‘A+’ discipline whereas basic medicine and pharmaceutical science were ranked as ‘A’ disciplines.

    To fully leverage the advantages of comrehensive disciplines and promote the development of medical science and technology and the health industry,  Zhejiang University has established Zhejiang University Medical Center with the resources of the whole university . Located in the central area of Hangzhou West Scientific Innovation Corridor known as the “China Silicon Valley”, the center focuses on research in innovative medical science and technology, clinical trials, translational research and high-level medical services. Zhejiang University Medical Center will integrate government, industry, capital and other resources to form an innovation ecosystem with venture capital fund + R&D core facilities.

    Orientation of the Medical Center: To be multi and cross-disciplinary, university-wide public R&D facility focusing on major medical issues.
    Goal of the Medical Center: To play a key role in the innovation of medical science and technology, to be incubator for strategic emerging industry and to be center of government-industry-education-research-fund integration.
    Development path of the Medical Center: Supported by the core facilities, driven by frontier research, oriented to clinical key issues, cooperated with industrial and information sciences, to integrate the whole chain of medical knowledge innovation, technological innovation, industrial innovation and application.