ejiang University is an institution of higher education boasting a long history, high prestige and complete disciplines. Located in Hangzhou, a famous historic and cultural city of tourist attractions, Zhejiang University is among the first batch ofGroup A double first class universities in China. Zhejiang University has complete medical science system, involving clinical medicine, preclinical medicine, public health, pharmacy and the like disciplines, and owning seven affiliated hospitals under its direct subordination, and two affiliated hospitals of indirect subordination, and eight cooperative hospitals. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education, its clinical medicine was recognized as an A+ discipline, and preclinical medicine and pharmacy were recognized as A disciplines.

    To allow full play to the complete advantageous disciplines of the university, and facilitate the progress of medical science and technology, and the development of the general health industry, Zhejiang University spares no efforts in building the Medical Center of Zhejiang University, which is to be launched soon. This center is located in the heartland of the Sci-tech Innovation Corridor in the west of Hangzhou, which is reputed as the “Chinese Silicon Valley”. Integrating innovative medical sci-tech research, clinical test and transfer, and high-level medical services, we aspire to build a future-oriented international medical innovation center. The center will put together the governmental, industrial and capital resources, to form the innovative ecosystem featuring the core facilities of venture capital investment fund + all chain common R&D support.

    Recruitment Fields and Requirements

    I. Recruitment fields

    Cell lineage and disease molecular subtyping

    Recruitment directions: unicellular analysis technique, sequencing technique, multi-omics analysis technique, disease molecular subtyping technique and so on.

    Cell/gene engineering

    Recruitment directions: gene editing technique, stem cell technique, synthetic biology, gene therapy, immunotherapy, cell therapy and so on.

    Research and development of drugs

    Recruitment directions: AI drug design, pharmacology and toxicology, pharmaceutical preparation, pharmaceutical analysis, drug metabolism, biopharmacy, clinic pharmacy and so on.

    Big data for health care and medical treatment

    Recruitment directions: data processing, data mining and modeling, bioinformatics, medical AI and so on.

    Should your specialty do not fall into the above recruitment fields or directions, but feature unique medicinal characteristics, you are also more than welcomed to join us at the Medical Center of Zhejiang University.


    II. Jobs

           Position: Truth seeking chair professors

           Basic requirements

           Top scholars at home and overseas including academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, academicians of developed countries and international award winners.

           Basic remuneration

           For specific position and salary and remuneration, individual discussion shall be conducted to provide favorable annual salary and scientific research support fund’;

           Favorable office environment and adequate experimental space shall be provided to make great efforts in building top talent teams and ensure annual enrollment of doctoral students;

    Those talents who are in line with the talent housing purchasing requirements can apply to buy one talent flat (up to in 240area).


    Position: Truth seeking special term professors

    Basic requirements

    The applicants shall insist on strengthening moral education and cultivating people, abide by academic norms, have noble teacher’s ethics, meticulous style of study and good health, and work at Zhejiang University on full time basis.

           Overseas applicants should generally have assumed the post of associate professor and above professional and technical posts or equal posts at a high-level university, and domestic applicants should have assumed the post of professor or equal posts;

    The applicants should generally have a doctoral degree, and have worked on the front line of teaching and scientific research, and have achieved outstanding academic achievements at home and abroad in their fields of study, and enjoy great academic influence.

    The applicants should be less than 55 years old (i.e. born after December 31, 1963).

           Basic remuneration

          Competitive salary and social security remuneration will be provided by the university;

          Based on different fields of study, corresponding scientific research start-up fund will be provided;

          If the applicants are in line with the dedicated housing applicant requirements of high level talents, they can apply and buy a corresponding house.


           Position: Hundred Talents Program research fellows

           Basic requirements

           The applicants should have excellent research experiences in the fields of medical science and life science, be no more than 40 years old, and have been engaged in teaching or research for 3 years at a famous university overseas, and have published internationally influential academic papers at important overseas academic journals.

            Basic remuneration

    The university will provide competitive salary and remuneration;

    The university will also provide corresponding start-up fund for scientific research;

    If the applicants are in line with the application requirements for talent housing of Zhejiang University, they can apply and buy one talent house;

    The university will assist to solve the problems of kindergarten and school enrollment for the children of the applicants;

    Those who have been employed as “Hundred Talents Program” research fellows are eligible for recruiting master’s and doctoral candidates.


           Position: Special term research fellows/associate research fellows

           Basic requirements

           The applicants should generally have a doctoral degree from prestigious universities from home and broad, and those who have worked at famous universities or research institutes continuously for two years are preferred;

           The applicants should favorable professional ethics and meticulous style of study, outstanding academic potential and team spirit, and worked at Zhejiang University on full time basis by joining in an innovation team;

    In principle, the applicants for special term research fellows should be no more than 38 years old and special term associate research fellows should be no more than 35 years old.

            Basic remuneration

            he university will provide favorable salary and remuneration;

            According to relevant regulations of the university, they can apply for the qualifications for postgraduate supervisors, and enjoy the welfare and remuneration of teachers with corresponding professional and technical posts.

            Position: Short term distinguish fellow

            With the help of the United Lab for Scientists of Zhejiang University and the like talent platform, a number of distinguished scientists of high popularity and influence should be hired as short term distinguished scholars, who will participate in the research work of tutoring full-time scholars as supervisors and assist the overall development of the disciplines. And based on the actual demand, they can build up their own research teams.

           Favorable individual-based salary, start-up fund, lab space and other remuneration and assurance will be provided.

           Position: Postdoctoral fellows

           Basic requirements

           The applicants should have obtained a doctoral degree in biology, medicine, pharmacy and relevant specialties, or a doctoral degree in other disciplines specializing interdisciplinary research of medical science;

           The applicants should have favorable scientific literacy, dedication, sense of responsibility and team spirit of cooperation;

           The applicants should have favorable readier, writing and oral communication abilities in English;

           The applicants should be no more than 35 years old, and in good health, and foreign doctoral degree holders should be no more than 40 years old.

            Basic remuneration

           Salary and social benefits shall be provided in accordance with the relevant national regulations for postdoctoral fellows, and their annual salary shall be 200,000 to 350,000 RMB Yuan;  

           Teacher’s apartment will be provided by Zhejiang University (for leasing at preferential price).

           III. Application materials

           The applicants should provide detailed CV, certificate of current employment, education diploma and certificate of degree, innovative research results, representative papers and works, and other materials that show the academic standing of the applicants;

          The applicants should provide their work objective and vision for employment;

           The applicants should provide recommendation letters from three expert scholars in their field of study (including providing the contact information of expert scholars for consultation).  

          IV. Application procedures

          CV delivery:

          Please send your Chinese/English CV to the following email address:  shenghongq@zju.edu.cn

    Please indicate your “name + application field + research discipline direction”.

    Contact: Mr. Sheng

    +86-0571-88981475 Tel: +86-0571-88981475

    Address: Room 602 of Complex Building of Medical School on Zhijingang Campus of Zhejiang University, 866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

    Postal code: 310058